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Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. In this lesson, you will learn what exactly Bitcoin is, when and why it was developed, who is behind it and how it is produced.


In this video, we’re going to consider in more detail how the bitcoin engine (blockchain) exactly works.


What is Ethereum? How does it work and by which characteristic signs can it be divided from other cryptocurrencies. All the answers can be found in this video.

Bitcoin Cash

From the moment of its creation, Bitcoin became a complex system, which has a significant transaction delay. Bitcoin Cash was created to fix this problem. Find out how.


Litecoin is a modern digital currency, which can be used for money transferring worldwide. But how does it work? Let’s find out.

What is mining?

In this video, we’ll start to observe, what hides beneath the “mining” definition, and how it can bring you a profit.

What is mining (pt.2)?

We’ve already understood the basic principles of the cryptocurrency mining process. Let’s dig dipper in this topic to gain the full picture of this operation.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

This video is dedicated to the cryptocurrency exchanges and the principles of their functioning, and, what is more important, to the ways of getting profit with such a trading platform.

Candlestick charts

Japanese candlestick charts are strong tools for definition of currency price movement. Despite that these charts were firstly used in relation to the fiat money, they can be used in cryptocurrency trading with similar success.

The trend is your friend

The trend is a strong market tendency that can be effectively applied by traders in order to predict the price movement. Be sure to know how to define this phenomenon and play it your hand.

Indicators: SMA

SMA is an abbreviation for Simple Moving Average. This is a trading indicator, that is used to recognize different market trends. Let’s find out how.

Indicators: EMA

EMA stands for Exponential Moving Average. It is quite a sensitive indicator, that is much closer to the real price than the simple moving average. But how does it work exactly?

Indicators: MACD

MACD is an acronym for the moving average convergence/divergence. As SMA and EMA, it can be applied to predict the price movements. But, what exactly distinguishes MACD from SMA and EMA?

3 biggest cryptocurrency trading mistakes

There is no trader in this world, who never made a single mistake. It is the only way to gain precious experience, but still, you have to be aware of some cryptocurrency trading mistakes so you can try to avoid them on your way.

What is leverage?

This video is dedicated to the leverage as a strong trader tool. Despite its clear helpfulness, the leverage has to be used with a clear understanding of the connected risks.

Stop-Loss order

If you want to minimize your trading risk, then Stop-Loss order would be a great choice. Find out how this trader tool works exactly.

Take-Profit order

Another useful tool in the trading arsenal is the take-profit order. Watch the video and learn how it can be used to improve your income.

What is margin?

In this video, we learn what a margin is and how to use it in order to gain maximum profit.

Risk management tips

This video will make you familiar with trading risks and their successful management.

Technical analysis

In this video, we are going to take a closer look at the concept of technical analysis and its main principles.

Candlestick basic patterns

Let’s jump straight into the Japanese candlestick charts. How can they help us to gain a profit in the market?

Candlestick complex patterns

Continuing the previous video, we’ll have to be aware of the candlestick complex patterns and their advantages.


What is Decentralized Application?

The aim of this book is to first give you an explanation of dapps, what they are, why to build them, and what a thriving dapp ecosystem looks like.


A Flourishing Dapp

Blockchain 1.0 is currency, blockchain 2.0 adds in contracts (stocks, bonds, financial assets), and blockchain 3.0 encompasses applications beyond pure finance in areas like governance and health (dapps). In this book, we’re going to be talking about what needs to happen for all three to progress.


Building Your First Dapp

This book will take you through the process of building your own dapp. Enough with the theory, let’s start! Creating dapp isn’t that much more difficult than working on a regular app.



This book will take a deep dive into the decentralized market, OpenBazaar. We’ll discuss the rationale and overall structure of the transactions it supports and then talk through implementing an OpenBazaar instance as well as its potential next steps and flaws.



Mike Hearn was a Bitcoin core developer for over five years and has gained a lot of respect in the community for the work he’s done with Bitcoin. His latest project is called Lighthouse. An interesting part of Lighthouse is that it uses a Bitcoin feature that has been available since Bitcoin 0.1



What is La’Zooz? How does it work? A quick look on the Ethereum home page leads us to find that La’Zooz is one of the projects using Ethereum for smart contracts.